Current Shell Shock! Scores

       3D Pool
       5-a-side Football
       9 Ball Pool
       Air Hockey
[+]Alpine Freestyle
       BMX Backflips
       BMX Backflips 2
[+]BMX Ghost
       BMX Highlands
       BMX Star
[+]Black Sails
       Blast Billy
[+]Bloody Sunset
[+]Bobby Nutcase and the Acrobat Smashers
[+]Breaking News: Volcano!
       Bumper Karts
       Cave of No Return
       Chopper Inferno
[+]Christmas Runner
[+]Civilization Wars: TG Edition
       Crazy Golf
[+]Crazy Golf II
       Eagle Eye
       Eagle Eye 2
[+]Extreme Climbing
       Fancy Pants 2
       Fire It Up Basketball
[+]Fowl Throw
       Frosty Flips
       Funky Truck
       Funky Truck 3
       Funky Truck 4WD
       Funky Truck Arizona
[+]Grand Museum Theft
       Hawaii Harpoon
       Highway Heist
[+]Labyrinth iXi
[+]Let It Glow
[+]Let It Glow 2
       Loopy Hoops
[+]MC2:Burning Skies
[+]Magic Smash Hammer
       Mechanical Commando
       Mechanical Commando 2
[+]Monster Truck Destroyer
       Munchy Mole
       Museum of Science Fiction
[+]Not Your War
[+]Peace Break: Hero
[+]Pitch 'n' Putt Golf
       Plough The Skies
[+]Polar Drift
       Radio Zed
[+]Rally Tour TG
[+]Red Kart Racer
       Rescue on Cocoa Farm
[–]Shell Shock!
       All Scores
       Officer Cadet
 >> Commander
       Rear Admiral
       Vice Admiral
       Admiral of the Fleet
       Teagames Defender
       Skidpan Scramble
[+]Sky Defender: Joe's Story
[+]Sky Kings Racing
[+]Space Bugs
[+]Space Knights
[+]Street Skating
[+]Street Skating 2
       Stunt Crazy
[+]TG Motocross
[+]TG Motocross 2
[+]TG Motocross 3
[+]TG Motocross 3: Australia
[+]TG Motocross 4: X Games
[+]Table Tennis
[+]Tellurian X
       The Champions 3D
[+]The Outpost
[+]The Unicyclist
       Top Dog
       Top Dog II
       Topsy Turvy
       Topsy Turvy 2: Flip Flop
[+]Toy Tank Arena
[+]Truck Mania
[+]Tune Ups
       Turning The Tide
[+]X Games TGMotocross 5
       Zombie Romp

The HMS Super Duper has become stranded in enemy waters. Defend the ship for as long as you can!

Hints & Tips

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31.taolek38,750Commander (6)298 seconds
32.hardshell38,740Commander (6)382 seconds
33.Steph38,660Commander (6)354 seconds
34.daniel38,350Commander (6)370 seconds
35.5tyh67ygt7ygtfgg38,310Commander (6)329 seconds
36.FA38,210Commander (6)403 seconds
37.taolek38,050Commander (6)264 seconds
38.eTAz37,900Commander (6)393 seconds
39.SFN37,850Commander (6)316 seconds
40.The King37,480Commander (6)366 seconds
41.*man37,090Commander (6)308 seconds
42.taolek37,080Commander (6)299 seconds
43.ADAM36,740Commander (6)356 seconds
44.taolek36,600Commander (6)364 seconds
45.SFN36,520Commander (6)269 seconds
46.SFN35,920Commander (6)276 seconds
47.smooth35,850Commander (6)311 seconds
48.hardshell35,630Commander (6)399 seconds
49.etaz35,030Commander (6)381 seconds
50.skeeter34,940Commander (6)348 seconds
51.daniel34,500Commander (6)293 seconds
52.SFN34,420Commander (6)261 seconds
53.taolek33,770Commander (6)356 seconds
54.laze27433,710Commander (6)332 seconds
55.asher33,330Commander (6)383 seconds
56.gEoRgE33,240Commander (6)318 seconds
57.yizhang32,710Commander (6)266 seconds
58.SFN32,540Commander (6)267 seconds
59.chargewave32,320Commander (6)395 seconds
60.trey32,210Commander (6)348 seconds

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