Current Civilization Wars: TG Edition Scores

       3D Pool
       5-a-side Football
       9 Ball Pool
       Air Hockey
[+]Alpine Freestyle
       BMX Backflips
       BMX Backflips 2
[+]BMX Ghost
       BMX Highlands
       BMX Star
[+]Black Sails
       Blast Billy
[+]Bloody Sunset
[+]Bobby Nutcase and the Acrobat Smashers
[+]Breaking News: Volcano!
       Bumper Karts
       Cave of No Return
       Chopper Inferno
[+]Christmas Runner
[–]Civilization Wars: TG Edition
       Level 1
       Level 2
       Level 3
       Level 4
       Level 5
       Level 6
       Level 7
       Level 8
       Level 9
       Level 10
       Level 11
       Level 12
       Level 13
       Level 14
       Level 15
       Level 16
       Level 17
       Level 18
       Level 19
       Level 20
       Level 21
       Level 22
       Level 23
       Level 24
       Level 25
       Level 26
       Level 27
       Level 28
       Level 29
       Level 30
       Level 31
       Level 32
       Level 33
       Crazy Golf
[+]Crazy Golf II
       Eagle Eye
       Eagle Eye 2
[+]Extreme Climbing
       Fancy Pants 2
       Fire It Up Basketball
[+]Fowl Throw
       Frosty Flips
       Funky Truck
       Funky Truck 3
       Funky Truck 4WD
       Funky Truck Arizona
[+]Grand Museum Theft
       Hawaii Harpoon
       Highway Heist
[+]Labyrinth iXi
[+]Let It Glow
[+]Let It Glow 2
       Loopy Hoops
[+]MC2:Burning Skies
[+]Magic Smash Hammer
       Mechanical Commando
       Mechanical Commando 2
[+]Monster Truck Destroyer
       Munchy Mole
       Museum of Science Fiction
[+]Not Your War
[+]Peace Break: Hero
[+]Pitch 'n' Putt Golf
       Plough The Skies
[+]Polar Drift
       Radio Zed
[+]Rally Tour TG
[+]Red Kart Racer
       Rescue on Cocoa Farm
[+]Shell Shock!
       Skidpan Scramble
[+]Sky Defender: Joe's Story
[+]Sky Kings Racing
[+]Space Bugs
[+]Space Knights
[+]Street Skating
[+]Street Skating 2
       Stunt Crazy
[+]TG Motocross
[+]TG Motocross 2
[+]TG Motocross 3
[+]TG Motocross 3: Australia
[+]TG Motocross 4: X Games
[+]Table Tennis
[+]Tellurian X
       The Champions 3D
[+]The Outpost
[+]The Unicyclist
       Top Dog
       Top Dog II
       Topsy Turvy
       Topsy Turvy 2: Flip Flop
[+]Toy Tank Arena
[+]Truck Mania
[+]Tune Ups
       Turning The Tide
[+]X Games TGMotocross 5
       Zombie Romp

Can your faction survive?

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PositionPlayerScoreKillsPlayer LvlModeRace
1.Anonymous540,81036050Mummy Survival,Blaster ModeAnkh
5.chrisss295,103154550Mummy Survival,Blaster ModeAnkh
6.RMV282,45838250Blind Mode,No Magic,Mummy SurvivAnkh
7.Cosmic_Retard276,668230950Blind Mode,Mummy Survival,BlasteTea
8.sabes24256,985113650Mummy SurvivalAnkh
9.Dude213,45828050Normal,Blind Mode,Extra Strong ETea
10.Bleddyn191,7907950Normal,Blind Mode,No Magic,SuddeAnkh
11.Anonymous187,83964050Normal,Blaster ModeTea
12.Anonymous186,867223950Mummy Survival,Blaster ModeTea
13.Bleddyn173,603258150Mummy SurvivalTea
14.ddrrrr164,68718850Normal,Blind Mode,No Magic,SuddeAnkh
15.dsdfafadf164,68718850Normal,Blind Mode,No Magic,SuddeAnkh
16.Anonymous164,68718850Normal,Blind Mode,No Magic,SuddeAnkh
17.bob147,086135150Extra Strong Enemies,Mummy SurviAnkh
18.Anonymous141,606317650Mummy Survival,Blaster ModeAnkh
20.Tomek128,430115248Mummy Survival,Blaster ModeTea
21.CmidZ123,47923547Blind Mode,No Magic,Sudden DeathAnkh
22.Blake120,676139546Mummy SurvivalTea
23.Bleddyn109,9688544Normal,Blind Mode,No Magic,SuddeTea
24.pok106,527223443Mummy Survival,Blaster ModeAnkh
25.pok106,527223443Mummy Survival,Blaster ModeAnkh
26.Anonymous103,15674443Normal,Blind Mode,Extra Strong EEagle
27.Rene GT103,08029043Normal,Blind Mode,No Magic,SuddeAnkh
28.Bleddyn97,3338541Normal,Blind Mode,No Magic,SuddeTea
29.Rene95,99226441Normal,Blind Mode,No Magic,SuddeAnkh
30.Adrian88,109342539Mummy Survival,Blaster ModeTea

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