Current Bloody Sunset Scores

       3D Pool
       5-a-side Football
       9 Ball Pool
       Air Hockey
[+]Alpine Freestyle
       BMX Backflips
       BMX Backflips 2
[+]BMX Ghost
       BMX Highlands
       BMX Star
[+]Black Sails
       Blast Billy
[–]Bloody Sunset
 >> Hard
[+]Bobby Nutcase and the Acrobat Smashers
[+]Breaking News: Volcano!
       Bumper Karts
       Cave of No Return
       Chopper Inferno
[+]Christmas Runner
[+]Civilization Wars: TG Edition
       Crazy Golf
[+]Crazy Golf II
       Eagle Eye
       Eagle Eye 2
[+]Extreme Climbing
       Fancy Pants 2
       Fire It Up Basketball
[+]Fowl Throw
       Frosty Flips
       Funky Truck
       Funky Truck 3
       Funky Truck 4WD
       Funky Truck Arizona
[+]Grand Museum Theft
       Hawaii Harpoon
       Highway Heist
[+]Labyrinth iXi
[+]Let It Glow
[+]Let It Glow 2
       Loopy Hoops
[+]MC2:Burning Skies
[+]Magic Smash Hammer
       Mechanical Commando
       Mechanical Commando 2
[+]Monster Truck Destroyer
       Munchy Mole
       Museum of Science Fiction
[+]Not Your War
[+]Peace Break: Hero
[+]Pitch 'n' Putt Golf
       Plough The Skies
[+]Polar Drift
       Radio Zed
[+]Rally Tour TG
[+]Red Kart Racer
       Rescue on Cocoa Farm
[+]Shell Shock!
       Skidpan Scramble
[+]Sky Defender: Joe's Story
[+]Sky Kings Racing
[+]Space Bugs
[+]Space Knights
[+]Street Skating
[+]Street Skating 2
       Stunt Crazy
[+]TG Motocross
[+]TG Motocross 2
[+]TG Motocross 3
[+]TG Motocross 3: Australia
[+]TG Motocross 4: X Games
[+]Table Tennis
[+]Tellurian X
       The Champions 3D
[+]The Outpost
[+]The Unicyclist
       Top Dog
       Top Dog II
       Topsy Turvy
       Topsy Turvy 2: Flip Flop
[+]Toy Tank Arena
[+]Truck Mania
[+]Tune Ups
       Turning The Tide
[+]X Games TGMotocross 5
       Zombie Romp

Joey stole a golden skull. Now he's fighting off 25 waves of zombies in a cabin by the cemetery. Can you survive?

Hints & Tips

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91.78,07225/25 ALIVE!
92.Joey77,69325/25 ALIVE!
93.Joey77,17525/25 ALIVE!
94.Warwick_Warwick77,15025/25 ALIVE!
95.77,07225/25 ALIVE!
96.damiano75,92525/25 ALIVE!
97.75,55025/25 ALIVE!
98.75,47225/25 ALIVE!
99.John75,37225/25 ALIVE!
100.Joey75,17225/25 ALIVE!
101.parker74,77225/25 ALIVE!
102.73,77225/25 ALIVE!
103.73,77225/25 ALIVE!
104.*ey73,65025/25 ALIVE!
105.POWMIA6773,60924/25 defeat
106.73,57225/25 ALIVE!
107.73,07225/25 ALIVE!
108.73,07225/25 ALIVE!
109.72,37225/25 ALIVE!
110.John the mother*er72,32525/25 ALIVE!
111.72,17225/25 ALIVE!
112.Joey72,07225/25 ALIVE!
113.Joey71,87225/25 ALIVE!
114.71,75025/25 ALIVE!
115.vl71,52225/25 ALIVE!
116.71,17225/25 ALIVE!
117.71,17225/25 ALIVE!
118.70,96425/25 ALIVE!
119.70,95425/25 ALIVE!
120.70,05025/25 ALIVE!

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