Wipeout Hints and Tips

Hang ten on gnarly waves and dodge sharks, in Wipeout!


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If you want to go faster tap side to side fast to make your board go up and down.

If you cutback and go under the wave, you will get extra points at the end.
- Submitted by Felix

If you are going on this game for the first time, try and stay at the top of the wave as that sharks tend to jump out of the water and bite you. Only try and do fancy tricks when you are confident and are good at the game.
- Submitted by Emily

On level 6, if you hug the left edge of the third to last turn there is a 'hole'. You pass through the edge onto the water. You are then free to speed around with no boundaries.
- Submitted by Lance

Try to stay near the top of the wave because the sharks jump sometimes. Try not to do fancy tricks just do simple ones until you get better.
- Submitted by Philz

Keep up the top of the wave and then let the shark pass and then do any trick.
- Submitted by Jon

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