Table Tennis Hints and Tips

Ping-pong, the game of indoor miniaturised tennis! Play against a single opponent or compete in the tournament. Use your curve shots if you want to win!


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The only way you'll beat the tougher oppoenents is by hitting shots with lots of spin. When you're at the corner of the table, hit the ball across and, immediately afterwards, move the mouse all the way to the side to get a large amount of spin on the ball.
- Submitted by David

In the tournament mode, you can get a high score by continually returning the ball without taking a winning shot. If you can keep returning the ball, the score will go up indefinitely as there's no time limit.
- Submitted by David

When playing the higher level opponents, place your shots in alternating corners using spin. If you notice your opponent's paddle stays near one corner after the return instead of moving back to center, you should be able to score in the opposite corner.
- Submitted by Ben

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