Funky Truck 4WD Hints and Tips

The funky followup. More levels and an upgraded, four-wheel drive truck!


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Be aware that it is 4-wheel drive and use this to your advantage. When there is a steep cliff edge, simply get your front wheel over and the 4WD will do the rest. Also if you are tipping backwards then reverse; this levels you out and vice versa.
- Submitted by Chris

You should speed down steep hills because normally there will be a large hill in front of you that you will need to jump over.
- Submitted by Dan

When coming off a really high jump and you can't see any ground, lean backwards slightly so that you are on about 45 degree angle. This can usually stop you from tipping over forwards into a hill upon landing.
- Submitted by James Murphy

If on your back, press both the down and right key. Or press both the up and left key. This will help you to get back on your wheels, but be careful, don't go to far! Or you will be right back where you started, upside down!
- Submitted by Britton

After you get the star at the end of each level, you have about 2 1/2 to 3 seconds before the next level loads up. Use those seconds to try a few backflips or frontflips to add to your score.
- Submitted by Austin

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