Funky Truck Hints and Tips

Fat tires and bouncy shocks on a monster truck! Drive across the levels as fast as you can.. extra points awarded for doing it in style.


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Go backwards to get more speed when trying to clear tall hills.
- Submitted by Alex

Do backflips to boost your score.
- Submitted by Sharon

If you're having a hard time going over the hills, try to pace yourself with the down button (back) to decrease your speed. Remember that there is no time limit, so its ok to take your time. From time to time, go back to get more points from flips.
- Submitted by Tony C.

On the beginning of each stage, start to do backflips until the bonus comes to 0. In stage 10 use all of your lives for doing backflips. With this strategy you can get between 80,000-100,000 points.
- Submitted by Vladimir

If you keep on falling backwards after attempting one of the vertical hills, try getting a good run up and holding left to gain speed when going up the hill. Then, hold right at about one truck's length before the corner. You should go forward and make it over the hill.
- Submitted by LogikalRabbit

Don't forget that front flips give you as many points as backflips! Sometimes they are a lot easier to pull off.
- Submitted by LogikalRabbit

When you are in the air from a jump, and are about to hit the ground, try really hard to land on the start of a hill's downslope. You will pick up more speed. Then you will have lots of speed to go over another hill. You will go sailing across the screen, and will save time racing the track.

When you are trying to go uphill, press up and left. This will give you a boost. Also, when you are going downhill in the long downhill, do the same, and when you across a bump, keep doing the same thing. This will make your truck do backflips. By doing this, you will skip a lot of rough terrain, thus saving you time.
- Submitted by Sergey S.

On the first level, to complete it, all you have to do is simply hold down forward and you will make it to the end with a bonus score!
- Submitted by Lewis C.

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