5-a-side Football Hints and Tips

Score points for your club in the five-a-side football league, featuring the top 56 UK teams.


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During a breakaway, turn to the far side of the goal just for an instant, then turn back and shoot. This will turn the goalie around, opening up the goal for a clearer shot.
- Submitted by Ben665

If you are playing against a team with faster players, using the shoot key to pass is not a bad idea, because it moves faster.
- Submitted by George

Try to pass the ball around the goalie circle to move him from one side of the goal to the other. This will open up the side for a quick shot.
- Submitted by Ryan

Shoot from a distance, when the keeper leaves a gap. It might look as if he can easily get the ball, but he's slower than he looks.
- Submitted by Vincent

Turn away from your opponent. You can only get a ball when you touch it, so can the opponent. If you put your own player between the opponent and the ball, he can't get it.
- Submitted by Vincent

Walk somewhere in the middle between two players. You will see that when you go to the right, one player will go a bit towards you, and when going to the left, the other player will come. Keep switching like this and none of them will come close enough to get the ball.
- Submitted by Vincent

When running forward and one defender is on either side of you, simply turn a tight circle in the opposite direction. For example, if a defender is coming up fast on your left, turn to the right as tightly as possible. The defender will try to follow by going around your back, giving you a few seconds to shoot or pass to an open player.
- Submitted by monkeydudej24

When on a breakaway, most defenders are faster than you. Run in front of them and they will push and make you run faster.
- Submitted by Thursday

When on a breakaway, line yourself up just inside one of the goalposts. If you can't score the diagonal, you can hit it straight and it will go in just inside the post.
- Submitted by Thursday

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