Extreme Climbing Hints and Tips

Use the elastic bungees to climb the cliffs and rappel down the caves!


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Some people have missed this in the 'How to Play' page: To attach a rope to a rock, you click on the rock with the mouse.
- Submitted by David

Try to make a swinging motion to easily get to a gem. To do this, release the rope furthest back and when you swing forward, attach it again to a close rock.
- Submitted by Sophie C

When you are going to place one of your bungees on a rock, let yourself as far down as possible so that you don't slam yourself against a rock and lose health.
- Submitted by Lillian K.

If you simultaneously swing and shorten the rope, it will help pick up speed, which can be useful for reaching around corners.
- Submitted by Mr. Domino

When you have both ropes connected to the rocks, hold the up arrow and you will be drawn up directly in the middle of both ropes.
- Submitted by Treble Toney

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