Chuck Hints and Tips

Swing and shoot the rebounding rubber guy across four quirky events.


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On the level where you throw him to a flag, throw him as hard as you can, so he bounces off the tree and rebounds back, landing close to the flag.
- Submitted by Matt F.

In the second (cannon) round, use the mountains for reference when aiming.
- Submitted by Chris and Kayla

On the star level, throw him diagonal on both sides first, then go for whatever has the most stars in a bunch.
- Submitted by Ryan

On the star level, throw the rubber dude at the center of the other side every time. You will notice the pattern if this is done correctly.
- Submitted by Justin Smith

For the level with the cannon, use the guy's shoulder and the grass line as a reference.
- Submitted by Lacey

In round 2, after firing the cannon do not move your cursor. It is much easier if you return to the cannon without moving it and adjust according to where you hit the target.
- Submitted by Joe

In the first event, move the rubber fella to the left hand side of the screen before you throw, as this will give you more space to move the mouse and much more speed for further distance.
- Submitted by Crackers

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