Chopper Inferno Hints and Tips

Gun your chopper through the thick of the action. How far can you go before your armour is depleted?


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When another helicopter comes, focus all your fire on that helicopter. It shoots homing missiles, which you really don't want to deal with. To avoid the homing missiles, constantly fly in small circles to keep them circling around you.
- Submitted by TwinsenDude

You can hold down the space bar to shoot constantly.
- Submitted by Min

Don't try to focus on the helicopter or the aeroplanes. Instead, just try to escape from the missiles while firing.
- Submitted by Aeiolus

When the enemy helicopter shoots homing missiles, try to fly in long horizontal ovals... they overcompensate when, whilst going to the left of the screen, you quickly turn right, and vice versa.
- Submitted by Johan

It may be simpler to just shoot the enemy chopper as quickly as possible, since by dodging all the time you let the chopper just send more missiles at you, and you ultimately miss out on shooting all the planes.
- Submitted by Johan

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