BMX Backflips Hints and Tips

Pull off backflips and wheelies, complete the challenges and beat the clock, in multiple levels of BMX bike trickery!


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When you land in a bowl, tap the brakes very gently - Not too hard or you might flip.
- Submitted by Jonathan

Lean back/do a wheelie while riding to gain extra speed.
- Submitted by Michelle

If you do backflips wherever possible, you're sure to increase your points.
- Submitted by Darren

On the 3rd level where you have to do the 3 backflips, don't backflip off the end, wheelie down the hill to go faster.
- Submitted by Liam

To go faster when rolling backwards down a hill, lean forwards, but not too much.
- Submitted by Liam

Doubled backflips don't get you more points than single ones.
- Submitted by biggiesmartypants

Don't try frontflips because they don't give you any points.
- Submitted by Mattie

When going in a ditch, make it a smooth landing. And remember to land on the downward side for that special momentum. This will be important in 'beat the bird', and 'time trial'.
- Submitted by Soccer_maniac

If you are on the last level and you know you can beat it, or if you're on a level you know you can't beat, lose a life or two on purpose. This will get you more points.
- Submitted by Ben

Try to keep your front wheel up to gain points and get more speed than you would get with both wheels on the ground.
- Submitted by Mark and Lynn

For the wheelie level, keep your bike as vertical to the ground as you can, which should make your upper body parallel to the ground - but don't lean too far back, or you'll fall. This way, your landings won't send you flying forward, which would end your wheelie.
- Submitted by Rowan K.

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